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Trade Finance – Geneve

Today, CFE Finance is recognized as one of the top non-banking independent Trade Finance institutions operating in Europe

Massimiliano PIUNTI
Head of Trade Finance

Since its inception, CFE Finance has specialized in offering insightful Trade Finance services, initially in a solely advisory capacity. For the past decade, however, CFE Finance has itself facilitated and financed Trade finance opportunities.

With an expertise dating back to over a quarter of century, today CFE Finance is recognized as one of the top non-banking independent Trade Finance institutions operating in Europe.

Trade Finance Securitisations

Our expertise in the field of origination of Trade Finance assets, receivables and claims, combined with a deep know-how of securitizations had enabled us to provide exposure to this unique asset class through innovative vehicles.

Securitized trade finance assets provide a unique access to a de-correlated asset class with a low volatility and steady absolute returns.

Trade Finance assets securitized may range from letters of credit to sovereign debt and rescheduled claims.

Organisation and Servicing Activity

  • KYC procedure on the Sellers
  • In depth analysis of the rescheduling agreement
    including terms and conditions of the repayment by the debtor
  • Identification and select the eligible Sellers
    banks and/or corporate entities
  • Drafting
    the relevant assignement documentation
  • Monitoring
    the collection of the payments from the debtor
  • Accumulation of various positions
    with a single debtor and evaluation of the possibility of securitizing the debt

Trade Finance Services

  • Forfaiting

    Discount, without recourse basis, of trade receivables and / or payment instruments, such as promissory notes, bill of exchange and letter of credits, etc.

  • Silent confirmations

    Structuring and issuing Guarantees/Insurance e.g. Credit insurance, to exporters covering no payment by the importer’s bank.

  • Transactional equity financing

    Provision of a portion of the equity/margin on transactional basis – where traders of commodities are looking to finance a senior debt with banks.

  • Pre-Export Finance

    Financing a portion of the export contract in favor of the exporter/producer secured by the assignment of the export letter of credit, promissory note and/or other contractual guarantees.

  • Distressed debt opportunities

    Arranging the discount of trade claims, which have been re-scheduled under Club de Paris, London Club or other Bilateral agreements.

  • Brokerage

    Arranging and structuring of commercial transactions (discounting, notification and confirmation of Documentary Credits) and provision of financing supported by Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) such as Euler Hermes, SACE, Atradius, COFACE, CESCE and / or other primary European insurance institutions.

  • Loan syndication

    Participation to Loan syndications arranged by international Banks for the financing of strategic projects in favor of Sovereign or Corporate Debtors.

  • Advisory Services

    Advisory services to investors seeking to include direct trade finance deals in their portfolios.